New comers in the world of trance, Kiyoi & Eky, along with Dustin Husain craft a track like no other. It comes in the form of their epic ‘Pacific’.

Dustin Husain is an LA based trance producer who has taken 2018 as his own in the form of releases. This year’s earlier works including the mega hit ‘Max Revive’ and his remix for Raz Nitzan and Ana Criado’s summer anthem ‘The Spirit of Summer’ have broken the charts. “Max Revive’ took complete domination of the beatport hype chart for weeks on end while ‘The Spirit of Summer’ peaked on the main trance charts at the 13 spot. And Husain just keeps rolling out intense tracks non stop; he’s an artist worthy of being considered high caliber.

As for the Jakarta & Indonesia centered, tech, psy and uplifting hybrid duo Kiyoi & Eky, they too have an impressive catalog to show off. While becoming a trance household name, their impressive releases are on mega labels including Armada, Future Sound of Egypt, Universal Nation, Blackhole Recordings and the list goes on.

Kiyoi & Eky deliver their first DSR production alongside increasingly regular feature on the label Dustin Husain, in a blistering yet elegant collaborative debut with ‘Pacific’. With its subtly layered with glowing melodic arrangements, ‘Pacific’ brings an intriguing debut from this collective. Airy melodies glide alongside a warm bass-line and euphoric leads polish an exceptionally complete and rewarding addition to the DSR catalog.

A euphoric wave peaks at the center of this track with a calming piano melody that reintroduces the leads and brings the bass lines crashing back with full force. It’s a powerful track for the DJ arsenal, specifically for those peak hours. Trance music does not get any finer than this. 

This epic track is out now as number 286 on Digital Society Recording’s ever growing catalog of music. You can purchase this track following this link.



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